You Make Our Community GREAT!

April 27, 2015 3:39 pm

We want to thank our residents for making Avana Cypress Estates such a great community!!! Please make sure to come back often for news, community updates and special announcements from our team!

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Chow Down on a Real Philly Cheesesteak at Pappa Geno’s

April 23, 2015 1:31 pm

Grilled onions, steak, and Cheese Whiz. Those are all the ingredients necessary to craft a truly authentic Philly cheesesteak. At Pappa Geno's, an establishment more than a thousand miles away from the City of Brotherly Love, chefs closely observe this Philadelphia culinary tradition. The "Philly style steak and cheese" is just one of their creations, though.

They also recreate the classic Philly cheesesteak with a few fresh additions. Try the Smothered Philly, which includes a layer of zesty brown gravy on top, or the Freaky Philly, served with all the fixings: Cheese Whiz, American cheese, grilled onion, brown gravy, and Italian hot oil peppers. You can also go for another East Coast eat: the hoagie. The Hot Italian hoagie is stuffed with ham, Genoa salami, and provolone in addition to veggies, mayo, and Italian oil. The veggie hoagie, on the other hand, forgoes meat in favor of plant-based ingredients.

Pappa Geno's
1801 Ella Boulevard
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 863-1222

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How to Manage Your Weight With Fruits and Veggies

April 16, 2015 1:31 pm

Few foods are better to help manage your weight than nutritious fruits and vegetables. If you want to learn more about using fruits and veggies to achieve your goal weight and stay healthy, these tips from the CDC can help:

1) Prepare them properly.
To get the most nutrition value, it's best to consume many fruits and vegetables raw or steamed. Steaming cooks them without causing valuable nutrients to dissipate. Avoid adding high calorie, high fat dressings.

2) Replace snacks with fruits and veggies.
The basic idea behind dieting is math: burn more calories than you consume. Fruits and vegetables can help because they're nutritious without being high in empty calories.

3) Add fruits and vegetables to recipes.
For a sneaky way to start eating more of these healthy foods, simply add them to foods you already eat. If you’re making soup, add some vegetables. When you eat your morning cereal, top it with some berries or a cut banana.

How to Use Fruits and Vegetables to Help Manage Your Weight [CDC]

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