iT’Z Houston: Playtime For People of All Ages

If you’re struggling to find fun, creative ideas for a child’s upcoming birthday party or other special occasion, iT’Z Houston might just be the answer! This fun-filled play place is a combination arcade, upscale bowling alley, pizza buffet, and much more, which makes it a great time for visitors of all ages try this out.

The colorful restaurant features a full-service bar for of-age guests to enjoy a beer or a cocktail while watching the big game, while the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet provides an affordable lunch for the whole family. There are an impressive number of seating options throughout the wacky, brightly lit dining area, and the restaurant opens up into the futuristic bowling alley, complete with leather sofas and glowing neon lights.

The arcade is a wonderland for kids of all ages, while the private party room, bumper cars, and amusement park rides are just the icing on the cake at this Houston facility.

iT’Z Houston
18355 Tomball Parkway
Houston, TX 77070
(832) 678-2151

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